That Guy (€) (cemeinke) wrote in a_talented_lot,
That Guy (€)

Week 4

So I'm probably in to my seventh week of week four. This is the week you are suppose to abstain from reading. I recall when we first did this all together we updated it to be a break from the internet - we'll obviously I'm not doing that but there's another aspect of this week that kees me clinging to it. This is also the week of clearing clutter - I did get a start of clearing my physical desktop so I could actually use it, but the drawers are filled with accumulated objects that at some point I thought I might need again. The truth is its full of things I'll never use - pens that are not my favorites, pads of paper with some unknown corporation or charity logo, trash really. I do want to get rid of it.

Also my closet is buldging from clothes I never wear and god knows whats in those boxes in the back - electric blue spandex perhaps? I want to let go this clutter and this week seems to mark the perfect time for it and yet I cling to it, as I have all this other detrious. Meanwhile morning pages are being dutifully written and I still haven't made an artist date. Business as usual, but I'm still working on it I promise.

Lisa surprised me with a book today, Twyla Tharp's "The Creative Habit." I've read the forward (I know, I'm not supposed to be reading but f' that) and it looks like a good read and full of other ways to keep my creative energy going. Perhaps I'll share more at the next beat retreat, but I'm at least excoited at the moment that there's more in store.

Cheers all
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