Audra (thespice) wrote in a_talented_lot,

30 Day Photo Challenge - Surrealist playground / Challenge 1: Parchment Teeth

I am in the mood for another 30-day photo challenge. Without being too self-depricating, I want to make strange and unfamiliarize the familiar world without feeling pressure to create ART. I just want to have fun. Recess. Not worry whether the final product is "finished" or wall worthy. I don't know that I have the time/energy to fully recommit to morning pages or the like. My goal right now is to find a balance between work/family/love by finding time for the Personal in the interstices. I've had a very good day. A day where the baby woke early and I made an effort to wake with him rather than get him back to sleep. The result, I was able to ready myself for work while he played in his crib. I washed and dressed him for his day. We took the pup for a walk and Wilder napped while we walked to get coffee. By 8:45, when it was time to go to work, I felt like I'd had rich interactions with my son, more time with my dog, and a little space for myself while walking and sipping. And so I was able to concentrate more at work, be more present from 10-6. And I had time to take an hour for lunch all to myself. I walked through a beautiful neighborhood and soaked up architectural views. I exercised my body. I found the time. I carved a space. And started another 30-day photo challenge, to bring things full circle. First challenge: White/Cream.

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