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Our update

We have been having some mixed success and lack of success recently. We wrote ten pages of the new musical last Tuesday (spurred on by a meeting with our composer, Joe, the next day - yay, deadlines!), but have struggled to write a lot since, and struggled a fair bit prior to that. We both have had moments of doubting - our output, our talent, our opportunities - but sometimes something comes along to help give you a nudge.

Heidi was called a few days ago by a writer/actress she knows from a one-woman show at last year's Fringe (it was actually Heidi's favorite show at last year's Festival - I didn't have a chance to see it, but by all reports it was amazing). This woman, Chris, told Heidi how amazing our show had been and especially the producing of it. She wasn't previously aware that it had been our first show and was dumbstruck by that. So, long story short, she asked us if we would help her produce an updated version of her show for this year's festival. We have just recently formed a little production company with Joe, just so that we could put the company name on our programs to make them look more professional, but now it looks like our little company will be presenting two shows at this year's Fringe. We had already brought our director and an actor from last year into the company to help out as producers, with us three serving as executive producers. Now it looks like we might have to bring in a couple more producers, and we might have the chance for a longer-term professional relationship with Chris. Suddenly this little company we formed just to put a name on the programs is being sought out by people who want to work with us. We're becoming impresarios.

Even since just hearing this news a couple of hours ago, I already feel rejuvenated to go back and attack the script again. A boost of confidence can be a wonderful thing.
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