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From Voyeur to Exhibitioist

So I've let things slip. The morning pages, the artist date, and even that term, what was it? The Secret? No - Synchronicity. And as work took more out of me, providing the justification for my negligence, I see the triumph of my censor, slowly consolidating his wins at keeping me captive in my own self doubts and insecurities.

But a seed was planted, perhaps as early as our last Beat Retreat, where I did none of the projects I intended. My imaginary lives needed some invigoration. I needed to get back  on the path of enlightened hedonism. Then I came across the Lucent Dossier MySpace Blog announcing a 1-day workshop to experience being in the troupe. I had to go - and when the details came back with a mere $40 price tag, I couldn't say no - well, my censor did prevent me from responding right away as was my first inclination (limited to 15 spaces), but I sent in my request Sunday night and got my acceptance last night before going to bed.

Acting, Dance - I'm so out of my element in hands on experience and yet, they welcome beginners so I have no excuses despite what my fears tell me. I'm excited and afraid, but also happy to be moving a little closer on living another imaginary life, confronting my fears, living less as a voyeur and observer and more of a participant.

Anyway, it seems synchronicity still works in the world and the universe is ready to conspire for my pleasure. Cheers to the Warriors of Joy, may I soon join their ranks even if only for a day.

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