Audra (thespice) wrote in a_talented_lot,

Imagineering assignment show & tell.

So, I took some time out from my daily commute to notice the little things I pass by everyday.  I recorded them with digital snapshots, then began working with image details, textures and the like in PhotoShop to assemble a few collages.  Clearly I'm into grids and squares.


Series 1 includes the first full collage I completed from the original images, and the three subsequent images include some changes to the coloring.  One version is vectorized. These are the ones I was happiest with but more were created.  I plan to work with them some more in a sort of Chuck Close fashion, using other materials (drawing / needlepoint / buttons) to create a larger scale version.  I'm still deciding which image I want to use as a reference, but it will likely be Frame 1, Frame 2 or Frame 4 (though this would be a better reference for a painting, I think).

Series 2 includes two complete digital compositions, each comprised of 4 photographs.  Am considering having these printed out so that I can play with the scale a bit, but online I consider these a done deal.

Series 4 is a textile project I'm starting based on an image I took of a dress with gold sequins.  Blown up, I was pleased with how the metallic sequins looked vectorized and have been playing around with colors and shading. These are just "paint samples" basically.  I've blown up the image much larger and will begin with the larger scale version to get the patterns and colors I want.  The idea is to create a new 2D textile pattern based on an existing 3D one.  If I'm pleased with the results, I may look into how one goes about printing patterns on fabric.  Again, new materials!  New methods! 

What I found so enjoyable about this project (and I know I'm repeating myself)is how freeing it was to work with unfamiliar mediums.  I was much less hard on myself, had more fun.  And these ideas gave way to new ones, some of which will utilize materials that I'm more accustomed to using.  Anyhoo, it was time well spent and, corny as it sounds, inspiring.

Lately, I feel like I've been living up to my favorite personal mottoes (and, yes, one of them was found on a fortune cookie):

Be mischievous and you will never be lonesome.

Make your own fun.

Much love to you all,

p.s.  See some of you on Sunday for Murakami and fake Tokyo fun!

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